Transitional Employment Services

MRCI offers a wide variety of program options to assist individuals in finding and keeping a job in their community. At the core of these services is the desire to provide individualized services that meet the specific needs and wishes of the individual. Rather than move people through "programs", MRCI provides an array of specific service options that can be tailored to the individuals needs. Drawing on years of experience and a large base of community business partners, an individual employment plan can be established that pulls from a number of services to form a clear path to long term employment.


Community Based Employment Planning Services

Employment Planning is a service MRCI provides for individuals who are unsure of what type of job they would like to seek, or are not sure of their ability to perform a job that they may have an interest in. The primary outcome of Employment Planning is the development of a vocational plan that identifies a specific employment goal and recommended employment opportunities in your community. The employment plan may also address barriers to the goal and recommendations on how to address them.


The Employment Planning process involves a series of job trials in real community jobs at businesses in the community. These job trials offer the individual an opportunity to try a variety of jobs of interest, usually for a week per site. MRCI assesses the individuals skill level at the job as well as employer feedback regarding work performance. In most cases, the individual is assigned an MRCI staff person to accompany them to the site and assist in learning the work tasks. The length of the employment planning service is open- ended but usually ranges from two to four weeks. At the conclusion of the service, a planning meeting is held with the individual and others they may want to invite to discuss the results and recommend the next steps in achieving employment.



Employee Development Services

Employee Development Services are available to address individual work skill deficits that may be the result of limited work experience or life changes that require the development of new skills. Each individual works with the MRCI Case Manager to implement an individual plan to address the specific skill areas or behaviors that are barriers to employment success. In most situations, these individualized services are provided in paid community jobs with the direct assistance of an MRCI training staff. Program length is open-ended with the desired outcome the development of strong work skills that will promote employment success.



Job Placement Services

Job Placement services are available to assist individuals in the process of seeking and obtaining a job in their community. Like all MRCI services, job placement is individually tailored to maximize the independence of the job seeker and to address their specific needs. Services may range from basic assistance such as building a resume, to contacting employers and following through with the entire employment process. Job placement services may be provided as a stand-alone service or be provided in conjunction with any of MRCI's other employment programs. In all cases, the individual is introduced to the MRCI placement staff at their initial intake, with job placement in the community as the desired outcome.



Job Coaching Services

MRCI offers Job Coaching services to individuals who have become employed in the community but need some short-term assistance to learn their job and make an adjustment to the new work environment. Job coaching addresses only the specific needs of the individual and strives to develop independent work skills as quickly as possible and gradually fade out. The MRCI job coach works closely with the worker and the employer to facilitate the development of a natural support system that will function as independently as possible of MRCI's services. Job coaching may be provided as a stand-alone service or also may be provided in conjunction with other MRCI employment services.

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