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MRCI empowers individuals to reach their personal goals through skill building and employment opportunities.

Adam's Story

Fifteen years ago, Adam Menden was like many of the other students at Mankato West High School;  he went to class and participated in activities. He was even manager of the West High football team. But Adam was unlike some students in other ways; he enjoyed school, loved interacting with teachers and friends. “One thing about Adam,” his mom Mary Jo says, “is that he has always been very social. He loves to interact with other people.”


There was one other thing that set him apart, Adam was born with Down Syndrome. So when it came time for him to leave high school and the daily interaction he had with students and teachers there, the Menden family knew they had to find a way to keep him engaged in life.


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MRCI WorkSource provides a wide range of services and supports to help individuals become successful.


We provide a menu of services from employment planning, including a full range of employment support, participation in volunteer opportunities, and leisure activities.



Planning is a process that can and does occur at all times of our lives. Our staff is experienced at providing assistance at any stage of the planning process to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. If you are just beginning a new phase in your life or seeking a change, we offer a lifestyle planning process to meet your needs. We have facilitators who are trained in Personal Futures Planning, PATH, and Essential Lifestyle Planning for individuals who are interested in a process that is based on the needs and wishes of the individual and family members. Once the plan is complete, our staff assist you in designing a program and choosing options that will help you accomplish your goals. You may choose to:


•Explore a variety of jobs

•Seek a job that meets your individual needs. You can develop a resume and build skills that help you land the job

•Have the type of support you need to help you be successful on the job.


What if I don't want to work?

MRCI offers a variety of options for people who are seeking alternatives to traditional work. Some people may choose to participate in volunteer activities throughout the day. Other people may choose to participate in leisure and recreational activities. Staff are available to provide the types of supports that you need in meeting your goals.


How can I find a job?

There are a number of ways that you can secure a job. You may choose to participate in a work trial that allows you to learn about different jobs and the skills needed to be successful at those jobs.


Where do I start?

County personnel, Rehabilitation Services Counselors, or school personnel refer our clients to us. You can contact us directly and we will help you make that connection.


Can I hire my own employees?

MRCI offers Employer of Record, Fiscal Intermediary services, and PCA Choice services to people who wish to hire and train their own staff.

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MRCI WorkSource is a Affirmative Action  Equal Opportunity Employer


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