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MRCI partners with employers to meet business needs and serve as an ongoing resources in diversity integration.

Making Good Business Sense


•  We can customize our solutions and services to meet your exact needs.


•  Working with MRCI WorkSource can reduce your operating costs, in the areas of training, employee benefits, and workers compensation.


•  Partnering with MRCI allows you to focus on your customers and business.


•  Hiring MRCI WorkSource will reduce your turnover rate and give you consistent, reliable workforce. Our clients want to work.


•  You'll join over 200 businesses that have already partnered with us. In doing so, many of those businesses have increased their customer base.


• People with disabilities and their families have purchasing power and will support businesses that work with them.


•  With MRCI, you'll gain a reliable partner who provides you with strong customer service, and the ability to match you with qualified workers specifically trained, and in some cases supervised by MRCI staff.


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Justin's Story

Chris Vorwerk has an eye for detail and design. It’s part of what prompted her to start her business, New Ulm-based United Commercial Upholstery, many years ago. She and her husband, co-owner Phil Vorwerk,  take great pride in designing beautiful upholstered seats for golf carts and boats. Products you have to see to appreciate. Turns out their ability to look beyond the surface, though, has been one of their most rewarding business and personal ventures.


“When Tom Rivers walked in here and asked if we had interest in hiring a blind individual, I just didn’t really see how it could work in our business. I just didn’t see how the young man he mentioned could help us with sewing and upholstery without having visual feedback,” says Phil.


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MRCI WorkSource is proud to be hosting an education series called Coaching Capacity.  MRCI can partner with you to present forward-thinking ideas to help build capacity within your organization.


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Coaching Capacity

A Partnership that Benefits All


For decades, workers from MRCI WorkSource have worked at area businesses, providing service that meets the needs of the business partner while improving the bottom line. Our workers are specifically trained for each job, a process that provides your company  with skilled and reliable workers focused on quality. It's a partnership that benefits all.


The solutions we offer are completely customized to your business. Whether you're in need of a team of workers under the guidance of a supervisor, a single individual to complete routine tasks, or you're looking for a high quality production facility to complete your contract work on time, MRCI has the solutions you and your business are looking for and require.


How We Can Help


If you are looking to hire a new employee, MRCI WorkSource can provide you with job-ready applicants that are pre-screened to match the skills and needs of your unique job specifications. Applicant's skills range from entry level to professional. The MRCI Job Placement professional will work with you to make a long-term job match and will provide you with the support to assure a successful placement including post placement job coaching and long-term follow up.


Benefits to hiring an individual from MRCI

 - Reduce costs related to training, recruitment, and insurance

 - Workers are specifically trained for your job

 - Individuals are trained on customer service

 - Add diversity to your workforce

 - Receive tax credits in some situations


For sudden production demands or on-going labor intensive jobs, MRCI WorkSource can quickly provide you an on-site team of trained workers with an experienced work supervisor. MRCI contracts with you to get your work done, saving you precious time and resources. MRCI pays the wages, workers compensation and other employee expenses and you pay only for the completed work. We work around your work schedule and can fill your needs on very short notice, always guaranteeing that your job will be done right and on time. Give MRCI a call and we will prepare a bid for your work.


 Work crews specialize in all types of work, including:

 - Professional Cleaning/Janitorial work

 - Food Service

 - Clerical work, paper scanning and shredding

 - Retail Support and Stocking

 - Product packaging and assembly



Let MRCI WorkSource become your extended labor force for those projects requiring increased capacity, reliable labor and quality workmanship. With a labor force exceeding 1,000 individuals and more than 150,000 sq. feet of production and warehouse facilities, MRCI WorkSource can provide you a flexible, pre-trained workforce, specialized equipment and warehouse space at one of our production facilities.



Employer Consultation and Education Services

MRCI Job Placement professionals offer a wide range of consultation and education services including:


 - Provision of on-site job analysis and consultation including recommendations for any work site modifications when needed.


 - Provision of education and training opportunities for employers and their employees about different aspects of disabilities and the implications for job performance and success.


  - Assistance for employers in accessing available funding for training or re-training employees with disabilities and applying for available tax credits.

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MRCI WorkSource is a Affirmative Action  Equal Opportunity Employer


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