Individual Placement Services

Individual Placements and Supports (IPS) is an evidence-based practice that helps people with serious mental illness to work in regular jobs related to their work preferences.


To qualify for IPS you need county case management and documented mental illness.


IPS uses eight principles to guide the services it provides:


  • Every person who wants to work is eligible
  • People are not excluded for reasons such as legal history, symptoms of mental illness, decisions about treatment, substance use disorder, cognitive disorders, homelessness or unstable housing, or past problems with employment.


  • Competitive jobs are the goal
  • Employment specialists help their people find regular jobs in the community.


  • IPS Services are integrated with mental health treatment
  • Mental health treatment teams might consist of case mangers, counselors, housing staff, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, and employment specialists.


  • Personalized benefits planning is provided
  • Each person participating in IPS is offered the opportunity to learn how his or her benefits would be affected by earned income.


  • The job search starts soon after a person expresses interest in working
  • In IPS people are not asked to complete any prevocational activities.  Within 30 days of a first meeting with an employment specialist the job seeker and employment specialist has    in-person contact with an employer to talk about jobs.


  • Employment Specialists build relationships with employers based upon   their clients’ work preferences
  • Employment specialists make multiple in-person visits to employers to learn about their business needs.


  • Individual job supports are unlimited
  • Supports are customized to the person’s preference and individual needs.


  • Client preferences are honored
  • IPS drives to empower people. Not to tell them where they must work or what types of services they must receive. Employment specialists try to understand what is most important to each person and what motivates each person.


Job Placements have included:


  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Clerical
  • Retail /Sales
  • Graphic Design
  • Teachers
  • Daycare/ Child Care


Counties include:


  • Blue Earth County
  • LeSueur County
  • Nicollet County


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