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Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H)

Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H) services are designed to provide the types of services and supports to meet the needs of the individual. Persons with severe developmental disabilities or related conditions receive individualized opportunities for employment and other activities through our DT&H services.


The individuals in the DT&H programs receive the same opportunities for working in the community, working on contract work, and participating in activities in the community. The advantage of the DT&H programs is the access to a higher staffing ratio to meet the additional needs of the individuals.


We have five programs in Mankato to meet the complex challenges and special needs of these individuals, as well as programs in Rosemount, Chaska, New Ulm and Fairmont. Our highly skilled staff provides support in all aspects of a person's life including communication, social and vocational skills, and activities of daily life.


EASE: A Great Alternative Option

MRCI offers a structured day program in Mankato and New Ulm for aging people who have disabilities that are seeking an alternative to a full day of work. The Employment and Social Enrichment (EASE) program provides the option of a combined work and leisure day program or one of only leisure activities. Most individuals referred to the program have a desire or need to reduce their involvement in work. This may be due to decreasing physical stamina for work, health and safety issues or just a desire to retire and stay socially active with their peers.


Each participant in the E.A.S.E. program has an individually designed program that takes into account his or her interests and level of desired activity. Full day programs are available but not required. Some individuals continue to work part-time at the center or in the community and some only participate in the social/leisure activities.


Activities are provided at the center and in the community with the primary purpose of helping participants maintain functional independence and social contact. A variety of activities are available including center based arts, crafts and educational activities, as well as community outings to take in sporting events, shows, fairs or just going out to lunch or coffee. The local adult basic education program also provides classes or workshops in various activities. Transportation for all community outings is provided.


The program staff monitors the physical well being of the participant and sees that the nutritional needs of the individual are met including special diets. Regular exercise and nutrition education is a regular part of E.A.S.E. programming.



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